Lunch and dinner orders from Duck Varieties include rice.

Lunch Dinner

§ Boston Volcano $8.50 $15.95
Crispy duck coated with tamarind sauce, cashew nuts, mushrooms, carrots, and peas

§ Duck Choo-Chee $8.50 $15.95
Duck sautéed with choo-chee curry sauce

Rama Duck $8.50 $15.95
Crispy roasted duck simmered in red curry and peanut sauce

Duck Ginger $8.50 $15.95
Duck with ginger sauce, sliced ginger root, mushrooms, green peppers, and scallions

Bangkok Duck $8.50 $15.95
Roasted duck sliced and de-boned; topped with ginger sauce and served with vegetables

Choose your degree of spiciness:

§ = somewhat spicy

§§ = very spicy

§§§ = extremely spicy