§Tom Yum $3.95
The world-famous Thai soup spiced with chilies, lemon grass, mushrooms, and lime juice; with either chicken or shrimp

§Tom Kha Gai $3.95
Mild chicken coconut milk soup with galangal root, lime juice, mushrooms, and scallions

Spinach Soup $3.50
Fresh spinach, mushrooms, zucchini, and baby corn in a clear broth with a touch of garlic

Thai Noodle Soup $7.95
Rice noodles in special Thai broth with choice of chicken, beef, or pork, served in a large bowl

Roasted Duck Noodle Soup $8.50
Rice noodles with sliced roasted duck and bean sprouts in duck broth, topped with chopped scallion and garlic

Choose your degree of spiciness:

§ = somewhat spicy
§§ = very spicy
§§§ = extremely spicy